Tuesday 11th August 2020,
Gay Pornstar Jayden Ellis

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Lollipop Lover Gets A Bare Cock

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Colby is such a little cutie, the lollipop only makes him seem more innocent. Don't be too easily fooled though, this little guy loves bone! Jayden soon confirms this when the two start swapping spit and groping for those hard young erections. Once revealed the feast of dick slurping begins, with both boys obviously skilled in appreciating a hard young boner. Cock sucking is only the start of the fun, when Jayden aims his naked length at that tight little pucker young Colby is soon on it and being stuffed with raw inches of delicious shaft! The cute little twink gets it good all over the bed before the two jerk out masses of hot young spooge over his naked body.

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Two Fit Boys Butt Fucking

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After a hot workout session, fit young jock boys Jayden and Steffen work up more of a sweat as they suck each others hard dicks and Jayden takes a hot fuck from his blond friend! The bloke gobble and stroke, fuck and hump right there on the classroom desk before Jayden gets a cummy load in the face as a reward!

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Twink is Caught Looking at Cock in School Bathroom

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In this sizzling scene Jae Landen accuses Jayden Ellis of looking at his dick while they're in the school bathroom. Jae gets aggressive and pushes Jayden to his knees, shoving his pecker into the twink's mouth. The blowjob is ultra deepthroat and looks amazing, but soon the boys have to fuck. They find a teacher's desk and Jayden bends down to receive Jae's big schlong.

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Angry Twink Hatred Becomes Hot Twink Passion

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"I hate you - I have an extreme hatred for you" Jayden Ellis spits at Caleb Coniam during Biology class. But this is the classic tale of an explosion of sexual passion erupting from the facade of anger. Animosity turns to desire, and desire turns to fervent and unstoppable twink fucking. They don't bother leaving the classroom, they just attack each other's bodies right then and there in this hot, explosive scene.

December 17, 2010 jaydenellis Random Stuff 0

Vampires Have Been This Sexy But Never This Naked

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Kain Lanning goes out for a stroll alone in the woods. He gets the feeling someone is watching him. Hello, is anybody there? He shouts. Nobody answers. Scared, and alone he quickly starts to head back to his cabin. He glances back and out jumps Jayden Ellis. He exposes his teeth, and the chase begins. Jayden chases Kain through the woods, back to his cabin. Jayden assures Kain he isn't going to hurt him. Does he keep his word? The two fuck like animals leading up to a dramatic ending. Will Kain join Jayden's army?

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Acting Audition Turns into Hot Fuck Session

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Jayden Ellis is having a really hard time with his acting audition in front of Levon Meeks. He needs to impress the young, talented twink but can't seem to perform. Levon agrees to give Jayden the part and help him with his acting, but in return Jayden must blow him right there in the classroom. Levon isn't satisfied with just having his cock sucked and bends Jayden over to ride him against one of the classroom desks. We're pretty sure Jayden got the part and loved the audition!

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Twink Reveals Secret Crush and Fucks Friend

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Jayden Ellis and Steffen Van are two friends who are sweaty and worn out from a day at the gym. Jayden tries to hide his secret fantasy to fuck Steffen, but Steffen picks up on Jayden's feelings and seduces him with a hot kiss. Kissing quickly turns into sucking each others' cocks before Jayden finally fulfills his fantasy with lots of hot, hardcore fucking.

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Hot Twinks Really Need to Fuck

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We couldn't think of a hotter pair than Brice Carson and Jayden Ellis. These two gorgeous twinks have amazing chemistry and it makes for an incredibly sensual scene. They begin by gratifying each other with skillful, deepthroat blowjobs. It's even hotter when they give each other's assholes lots of attention - licking and sucking with enthusiasm. When Jayden finally takes Brice's rod in his ass there's no pretending; you can tell these two are definitely excited and ready to fuck.

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Twinks in Detention Get it On

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Sexy Jayden Ellis and sexy Skyelr Bleu are in detention but they're all alone so you know something naughty is coming. Skyelr is lamenting that his girlfriend just broke up with him and his good friend Jayden is going to show him that there's more than just women out there. A hot twink mouth on his pecker would feel good, for instance. He gets a blowjob and it leaves him rock hard and from that point on Skyelr can't stop until he's blown his load. He needs to fuck and Jayden's twink ass is there for the taking. He bends over a desk and they bone bareback. Jayden even takes the cum load on his chest as Skyelr masturbates his beautiful bone.

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Hottie Jayden Ellis is Interviewing

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Jayden Ellis is talking with us about his favorite things in life, including his favorite videogames. It was Fable 2 but his Xbox ate it. Now it's Just Cause 2. When he's not doing gay porn he bartends and he shares with us that the most requested drink is a Long Island Iced Tea because it's great for getting people fucked up. He talks about why he went into porn too. He'll share a sexual fantasy with you and it's wonderfully dirty.

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