Tuesday 11th August 2020,
Gay Pornstar Jayden Ellis

Hot Twinks Really Need to Fuck

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We couldn't think of a hotter pair than Brice Carson and Jayden Ellis. These two gorgeous twinks have amazing chemistry and it makes for an incredibly sensual scene. They begin by gratifying each other with skillful, deepthroat blowjobs. It's even hotter when they give each other's assholes lots of attention - licking and sucking with enthusiasm. When Jayden finally takes Brice's rod in his ass there's no pretending; you can tell these two are definitely excited and ready to fuck.
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Twinks in Detention Get it On

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Sexy Jayden Ellis and sexy Skyelr Bleu are in detention but they're all alone so you know something naughty is coming. Skyelr is lamenting that his girlfriend just broke up with him and his good friend Jayden is going to show him that there's more than just women out there. A hot twink mouth on his pecker would feel good, for instance. He gets a blowjob and it leaves him rock hard and from that point on Skyelr can't stop until he's blown his load. He needs to fuck and Jayden's twink ass is there for the taking. He bends over a desk and they bone bareback. Jayden even takes the cum load on his chest as Skyelr masturbates his beautiful bone.
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Hottie Jayden Ellis is Interviewing

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Jayden Ellis is talking with us about his favorite things in life, including his favorite videogames. It was Fable 2 but his Xbox ate it. Now it's Just Cause 2. When he's not doing gay porn he bartends and he shares with us that the most requested drink is a Long Island Iced Tea because it's great for getting people fucked up. He talks about why he went into porn too. He'll share a sexual fantasy with you and it's wonderfully dirty.
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Cutest Twink Ever Bottoms for a Hot Cock

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Sweet twink Colby London is sucking a lollipop and talking in the bedroom with Jayden Ellis. They're both totally hot and they're going to fool around and eventually share a passionate hardcore bareback fuck. It starts with delicious kissing and they're both lost in the passion of the scene. The way their tongues dance and the way their bodies move you can tell they're really into it and hoping to get each other off. Of course the action includes bareback anal sex and Colby loves taking it in any position he can get it. They all look awesome, especially the naughty bareback. When the hot twinks are ready to finish they masturbate together and two loads spill on the sexy tummy of Colby.
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